Recently our Maggie & Rose in house design team visited the Design Museum as an inspirational trip to get their creative juices flowing for future design projects.

This exhibition ‘Designer-Maker-User’ features almost 100 items of the twentieth and twenty-first century design viewed through the angles of the designer, manufacturer and the user.

The exhibition displays a broad range of design disciplines, from architecture and engineering, to the digital world including fashion and graphics. The design team particularly enjoyed the digital graphics display and drew heaps of inspiration to design new and exciting Maggie & Rose designs.

As well as Designer-Maker-User, the design team visited the Fear and Love Exhibition, featuring innovative and thought-provoking designers and architects working today. This exhibition explores a spectrum of issues that define our time ranging from futuristic robots to modern fashion.

We would totally recommend a visit for both adults and children. For more info, visit the Design Museum website at