Words by Rebecca de Yong (our awesome marketing guru)

I am a self-confessed food-a-holic.  Outside of thinking about my kids and what they are doing/need each day, I pretty much spend most of my brain power (and money) on food…..menu planning for the week, scrolling through Instagram foodie profiles, pouring over recipe books and unearthing the next new finds in the restaurant world. It’s such a rewarding obsession because I am constantly able to reap the delicious rewards of my devotion.

So it will be no surprise to know that I am encouraging my 3 kids to grow their palates exponentially.  We love discovering new destinations that have a buzzing food scene, and there are some great ways to encourage a broad palate at home: I love introducing new flavours and always encourage them to taste everything (they don’t have to eat the whole thing), I test them on herbs as we wander through local gardens, they have a variety of cuisines for dinner throughout the week and we love eating out all together. The benefits of kids being ‘into’ food is not solely about them eating a diverse range of dishes (and trust me there is still a lot they DON’T like!). With tastes comes education in seasons, provenance, cultures and celebrations and appreciation for nature. Its another vehicle in which their knowledge of the world expands. The foodie scene caters for kids quite well these days – many restaurants will offer kids portions or failing that the rising trend of ‘small sharing plates’ allows for many different flavours to be explored.  I’ve collated a list of just a few must-go locations around the UK in which you can enjoy raising your future foodies!


Food Markets

Whether Borough Market in London, Rialto Market in Venice or La Boqueria in sunny Barcelona, explore a market for the ultimate in education – the products, smells and fast-paced action is stimulation overload for little ones.



Wahaca, London

Tortillas with guacamole, fish tacos and drool worthy churros. The range of fresh flavours on offer is out of this world, and because they are all small plates you can share the lot, with no worry of wastage!



Royal China, Queensway

Known for the best dim sum in the capital, there’s a reason they have a queue out the door almost every day. Great introduction to learning to use chopsticks too!