With all that is going on in the world at the moment, the only thing that really can get us through this is Hope. So with this in mind I have decided to channel our Maggie & Rose energy into some good and what better message in these crazy times than Hope! Anna, our long-standing Design & Development girl, and I, have been looking for a new charity to support for the last few years. We have never really been able to just donate a few prizes here and there – no we like to take on a mighty challenge – because being pregnant ( Anna not me! ) and running Maggie & Rose is just not enough to keep us busy! So when the lovely Sherri bounced into the club and told us about how her charity had just helped mums in a Ugandan slum create their own business, with a micro investment of £35 to buy a sewing machine – it bought new meaning to the hashtag #womensempowerment….We cried – and now Hope for Children are our new charity for the foreseeable future!

Hope for Children are small compared to most charities – last year they only raised just over £1 million, but managed to help over 35,000 kids and parents across the globe – helping the people often forgotten by the big charities. What they do is truly inspiring and humbling. So we are strongly encouraging the whole Maggie & Rose family – from the staff, to the members, to our own kids – to get everyone understanding who they are supporting and how they can help – it’s about more than just blindly giving money.

We (actually most of you voted for it) have picked a project that we are focusing on for now: The Namuwongo Community Projects provide amazing support and care to families in the Ugandan slum, offering rent relief, food parcels and counselling to those suffering from extreme trauma. They also work to improve familial incomes by jump starting awesome mum/entrepreneur businesses.

The main aim for any small charity is to be heard and seen, so alongside fundraising we are going to raise their profile so more people can get involved and help the team at HFC. So whether you’re a friend, staff, or a member, you will be hearing from us a lot this year…So you may as well get involved and help us deliver some Hope to people who might not be heard otherwise.

Maggie x


Meet Ollie!!
Our new Maggie & Rose character is Ollie (yes I was under pressure from the 4th child, who has been asking for his own character for a while!). Ollie is a new friend for Maggie, Rose, Oscar and Bentley, who we’ve designed specially to help with our Hope for Children project.