Maggie Loves Kit and Kin

When my kids were young I was very conscious of the amount of nappies we went through and often thought about the effect to the environment. Over the years of 4 kids, I’ve had about 10 years of nappy changing and calculated I probably went through 15,000 nappies myself!

From a health perspective, I also wondered what was in the nappies themselves…they are so close to their skin, worn 24hrs a day and sometimes made them break out in nappy rash and become sore and irritated. Apart from going down the cloth nappy route there was no ‘good’ version of a nappy and certainly no insight into what they were made out of. Even though my kids are all out of nappies, my attention has shifted to worrying about the bots of our nursery and member children – as a business we currently go through as many as 100,000 each year!

Since the Clubs started and the nappy market has evolved, I’ve tried many ‘eco’ brands…all have had their problems, being that they were rather hard to find, super expensive, not able to hold in boy’s wee (!) and being non-British labels. I often wondered why we didn’t have a British brand championing this and making it easier for all to have access to eco-friendly nappies that help support the environment whilst also helping to alleviate issues like eczema and nappy rash.

So I was super excited to hear about Kit & Kin, set up by two parents, Emma Bunton and Chris Money. Both have boys, issues with sensitive skin, and a passion for wanting to fill this gap in the market – combined with eco credibility to boot we have the perfect nappy company!

We are super excited to support this start-up as it is a truly awesome thing they have done, and are so happy we have finally found our official nappy & wipes partner! Do check them out – you can purchase them from the Clubs if you want to continue to test them out at home, or take out a subscription and get them sent to your home directly.

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The Kit & Kin Fact File

  • The UK throws away 8million nappies every day (yes DAY!)
  • Kit & Kin nappies & nappy sacks mostly biodegrade within 3 to 6 years – unlike the standard 500 years!
  • Their nappies are more sustainable than most other brands with significantly less chemicals
  • The factory that produces the nappies is actively in the process of building a wind farm to power itself!
  • The skincare products (inc. stretch mark spray oil and baby body wash) smell and feel heavenly
  • For every 10 nappy subscriptions, Kit & Kin purchase and protect one acre of the rainforest through the World Land Trust

Watch their brand story below!