So going on Holiday is a right pain in the butt for us women – the thought of getting into any sort of swimsuit post 4 kids is a stress enough let alone adding fake tans and flat tummy detox tea binges into the mix. Don’t even get me started on the amount of hair removal that is needed (the joys of having Indian genes!). Eyebrows in particular have always been a thing for me as they are visible at all times so definitely something I take seriously when it comes to grooming! Having had my fair share of disastrous last minute brow mares, I met the lovely Shavata Singh of Shavata Brow Studios to get the lowdown on all things hair free. Shavata advised that for eyebrows the best shape is from a combo of wax, threading and tinting – and more is better! Prior to heading to the studio I let my brows grow out for 3 weeks (this was a real challenge, I seriously couldn’t look in the mirror and not reach for the tweezers!). Shavata have a full body waxing menu and do manicures, so they are brilliant for a great one-stop shop to be holiday ready.

Love, Maggie x


I have been a therapist for the last 30 years. 16 years ago I used to wax a Vogue editor’s legs and one day, pulled enough courage to tell her that she had dodgy eyebrows! She made me stop waxing her legs and shape her brows. She was so impressed that she wrote about me. I went from doing 5 brows a day to 20, after the article came out. I saw a gap in the market and ran with it. I always say “I did not choose eyebrows, but they chose me!”


1. Never fight nature—if you have tick bushy brows, don’t pluck them thin, or if you have fine brows, they will never be bushy so make the best of what you have.

2. Eyebrows should never be a feature but they should silently compliment your face.

3. Avoid the tadpole look—heavy at the front and a thin tail. Never a good look!